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Our journey begins with a complimentary onsite consultation at your home or proposed location.


Step 1: Free Onsite Consultation

During this meeting, we assess the following factors:


1. Design Considerations: Tailoring the MicroFarm's design to suit the unique needs and preferences of each family is a crucial aspect of the planning process. Whether opting for the MicroPlot or additional 1/4Plots, our primary objective is to ensure a successful outcome for the future of your growing endeavors.


2. Sunlight Exposure: Ensuring a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight is essential for healthy and robust crops.

3. Soil Type: Understanding the composition of the native soil is crucial for optimal plant growth.

4. Drainage Assessment: We evaluate the site to ensure positive drainage, a key factor for plant root health.

5. Accessibility Planning: Examining the site's accessibility for construction purposes and maintenance.

6. Existing Sprinkler and Water Supply: We consider sprinkler modification and establish a water supply for your MicroPlot.


7. Retaining Walls: In cases of sloping grades, we provide solutions using rock, block, or steel retaining walls. 


We leave no stone unturned in providing you with a comprehensive and tailored urban farm.

Step 2: Construction 

Construction begins once the best location is identified and work is scheduled!


1. Site Preparation: Clearing invasive grass species*, laying the groundwork for your MicroPlot.


2. Soil Preparation: Break-tilling the native soil to prepare it for the next stages.


3. Constructing the Raised Cedar Plot: Building a 16' x 16' cedar raised plot, using 2" x 8" rough cedar lumber.

4. Custom-Blended Soil: We then fill the raised plot with our specially blended soil, enriched with compost, micronized minerals, and beneficial soil microbes, laying the foundation for our no-till practice of farming. 


5. Trellis and Support Structures: We erect a 16' long X 6-1/2' tall galvanized trellis and install 2 - 16' X 2' 1/2 panels to support plant growth and freeze protection in the winter.

6. Advanced Irrigation System: We incorporate cutting-edge technology, utilizing Netafim subsurface and Rainbird overhead irrigation to meet the seasonal needs of your crops. Our system is controlled by a digital timer and rain sensor, ensuring efficient and precise watering throughout the year.

7. Organic Mulching: The MicroPlot is covered in 6 inches of pesticide-free hay, promoting soil health, reducing erosion, conserving water, improving infiltration, and preserving biodiversity. Our no-till practice ensures long-term soil vitality, with carbon-rich hay feeding soil microorganisms for healthier structure and nutrient-dense vegetables.


The MicroPlot is now yours and ready to grow!


Base Price per MicroPlot: $4,950.00 

Base Price per 1/4Plot: $1,950.00  (A MicroPlot is required before 1/4Plots can be added)

  • Clients responsible for providing a 3/4" pressurized water line to the MicroPlot's supplied valve box.

  • Additional fees may apply for:
    Removal and replacement of top 2 inches of soil if invasive grasses are present.
    Modification to existing irrigation system, if necessary.
    Needs such as retaining walls, shade structures, fencing etc.

Step 3: Become a  Micro Family Farm Member

After your Microplot has been built, you have the option of becoming a Micro Family Farm Member. By signing up, you guarantee your family a year-round harvest of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables available!​

As a MFF Member, you'll receive year-round service performed by our professional team, including 8 on-site visits with the following benefits:


1. Soil Management: We regularly take soil samples, adjust the pH as needed, and implement our organic fertilization program. Seasonal additions of compost and mulching ensure soil health and weed control.


2. Crop Management: We plant and tend to every nutritional need of the crops we grow for you. Seasonally, we prepare the MicroPlot with shade tarps in the summer for sun protection and freeze tarps for winter protection.


3. Integrative Pest Management: We use the safest, most effective forms of organic biological pest and disease control, ensuring healthy plants and a bountiful harvest. Our approach involves 'zero reentry time' pest controls, ensuring the safety of your family.


4. Irrigation Management: We seasonally adjust the proper amount of water to meet the ever-changing demands of the crops.


5. Partnership: You receive a Monthly Farm Report with detailed harvest notes and updates on what to look for, along with video support. We can also handle any onsite emergency within 24 hours, standing guard for your peace of mind.


6. MFF App: Each year, you receive our standard warm or cool season Plant Placement Guide (PPG). Utilizing the MFF App, you can customize your MicroPlot's PPG from our growing selection of vegetables. We then grow the starter-plants and plant them per your PPG at the beginning of each season, ensuring you harvest only the vegetables your family enjoys.


7. Education: For families interested in learning the art of growing food, our team can provide educational sessions during our scheduled services. Additionally, access to concise, informative videos covering essential growing and harvesting techniques enhances your learning experience. Our goal is to empower everyone to take an interest and learn the art of growing food.

* Our full service program is available in the Tyler - East Texas area, please contact us for regional inquires.

Annual Membership Fee,


MicroPlot: $4,950.00  Per Year


1/4Plots: $495.00 each Per Year


  • Payments for the annual fees are conveniently spread out quarterly.

Contact us today to schedule your free onsite evaluation!

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