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Introducing the Eggstream: The Ultimate Mobile Chicken Coop

The Eggstream mobile chicken coop sets a new standard in poultry housing, offering a spacious 10 ft. x 6 ft. design that comfortably accommodates up to 6 laying hens, capable of producing over two dozen eggs per week. Maintenance is a breeze with our auto waterer and feeder, requiring only periodic refills, while occasionally moving ensures your flock enjoys fresh grass regularly. Handcrafted with commercial-grade materials, the Eggstream is engineered for reliability and durability, promising a lifetime of superior performance.

Eggstream Fleet

Weather and Predator Proof

  • Galvanized steel frame

  • Galvanized predator wire

  • Polycarbonate siding

  • Stainless steel hardware


100% Safe and Secure

  • Protected open-air yard with a large access door

  • Easily access eggs with the convenient door to the nesting box


Healthy and Happy Hens 

  • Eggstream allows the hens to forage, fertilizing the lawn along the way.

  • Fosters a lush lawn, boosting hen health and enriching soil biology.

Easy-Lift Wheel System for Effortless Mobility

  • Enjoyable and simple to move your flock

  • Never clean a chicken coop again!

E-Z Lift

Convert Scraps to Eggs

  • Reduce reliance on store-bought feed by utilizing food waste

  • Provide a naturally diverse diet while recycling your food scraps


Super Nutritious

  • Pasture-raised eggs contain:

    • 2X as much omega-3 fat

    • 3X more vitamin D

    • 4X times more vitamin E

    • 7X more beta-carotene

fried eggs
Eggstream Logo

Contact us now to secure your Eggstream coop for April 2024 delivery and enjoy the delight of raising happy, healthy chickens in your backyard!

$2,995.00 with a $300.00 deposit required

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