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Mike Loggins, a pioneer in organic horticulture since the 1980s, was raised in Sonoma County, California—the heart of the organic farm-to-table movement. Upon arriving in Texas, he adapted and refined sustainable farming practices to suit our Southern climate. With a background encompassing decades of experience in agriculture and horticulture industries, Mike's true passion for growing food became the driving force for founding Micro Family Farms.

The inception of Micro Family Farms in 2012 marked a significant milestone. Specializing in urban farming, the company not only designs and constructs fruit and vegetable gardens but also offers a comprehensive year-round service, ensuring the success of each harvest. Recognizing the challenges faced by individual gardeners, Mike identified the need for a supportive community. This insight led to the creation of Micro Family Farms, fostering a collaborative environment for families to flourish in.

Juan Miguel
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