“Having grown up with a dad who loved summer gardening I was very familiar with the wonderful taste of home grown veggies.  Our Micro Family Farms summer garden exceeded my expectations!  The variety of the veggies, the delicious bounty and the beauty of it all growing in our yard was such a treat.  But what absolutely blew us away was the Fall/Winter garden!  The intense flavors of the leafy greens makes all others pale in comparison, not to mention the great health benefits of eating wholesome, home grown veggies.”

"Micro Family Farms has changed the way we cook and eat for the better. We plan our meals based on fresh picks from the garden, our kids are excited about eating things they watched grow and picked themselves and we treasure the time as a couple that we spend in the garden. And...the produce is awesome."

"The greatest gift Micro Family Farms has given to my family is empowerment over our health. I know the quality of what I'm eating and my kids understand what real nutrient dense food looks and tastes like. It also takes me back to my childhood having grown up with a garden, something about it just touches my soul."

cholate harvest

"We are so blessed to have such a connoisseur of horticulture in Texas. Micro Family Farms has revolutionized and brought back the heart of ‘farm to table’. It is difficult to describe the joy of our family walking out to the garden and harvesting the vegetables. There is no comparison to picking food straight off the vine and eating it. Pure, organic, just the way God created it! One of our daughters picks the kale and asparagus, and eats it on the spot, no cooking, no flavoring, just straight!”

"Four years ago I went through treatment for breast cancer and as part of the chemotherapy it changed the way food tasted. Since Micro Family Farms I feel much better, I feel like our children are calmer, I think that we all have more energy. We spend a lot of time in our garden and its really amazing to pick what we're going to eat an hour later."

bright harvest
the 4th

Check out how Micro Family Farms changes lives

We stand on the positive change that MFF brings to families. It is difficult to describe the wonder and delight that takes place in the mind of a child who is connected with a garden. Kids no longer say "yuck" to vegetables. Instead, they say, "Mama, are they ready to pick yet?" Over the years we have witnessed many wonderful changes that real food has brought to families. To mention a few: the highest nutritional value, unparalleled flavor, 100% toxin free goodness, an investment in your family's health, convenience, rare varieties, food safety, fun--the list goes on! But the greatest thing Micro Family Farms offers your family--it brings food and family together like never before.


The Vasso Family

The Brookshire Family

The Ford Family

The Carter Family

The Holman Family


Datil Pepper ‘Mama Kiss Papa Mustard Sauce’


A typical harvest of the not so typical heirloom veggies!

The autumn brings forth a whole new amazing harvest!

The summer harvest is explosive in every sense of the word! What's better?

Well maybe the cool season... through the dead cold of winter the Plots produce an exciting diversity of crops! Super fresh, living green smoothies... too good!

An excellent selection of Pak Choi that we use for wraps and for greens.


The ancient kale from Rome ‘Nero di Toscana’ chopped and tossed with pasta!

Japanese Mustard ...sometimes you can see the nutrition!

As the temperatures begin to drop the sweetness of the beans intensify. None compare to the ‘Marvel of Venice’ and the true French green bean ‘Fortex’.

Autumn fusion... Our French intensive technique of growing brings together both the cool and the warm season crops twice a year! Ping Tung eggplant, HoneyNut squash. Shishito, Datil and Corno di Toro peppers, Fortex and Venice green beans, Arugula, Basil, Cilanto , Kale, Bekana, Parsley and so much more.

So many wonderful new Asian greens to discover.