The Micro Family Farm storehouse offers families products that can enhance their urban farm. We truly strive to offer the highest quality, handmade products designed to compliment the farm to table experience. We are continuing to expand our offerings so, be sure and check back in!  

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The MFF chicken tractor has been proven for over 15 years as one of the best portable hen houses available. It is designed for three laying hens and will produce 2 - 3 eggs per day. All your vegetable trimmings can be fed to the girls and they will provide you with the healthiest, tastiest eggs you can eat! The ultralight portable pen is so easy to move, a child can take it on as a fun farm chore. We build the MFF tractor out of cedar, galvanized steel and foamed polycarbonate, no expense is spared in the construction. This is an example of the full-circle way of life that we strive to offer your family. $795


The MFF Farm Knife has many uses. Our service teams have proven it in the field and besides being extremely tough, it is also beautiful. Whether harvesting, working or skinning, it has shown itself to be a worthy companion to any urban farmer. The blade is hammer forged American Damascus steel (416 layers) and heat-treated to RC 58. A master woodworker and friend of MFF discovered a 200+ year old bois d’arc tree that had been struck by lighting not far from Love's lookout and gave us several beautiful full slabs. It is one of the most stable natural woods that can be used in knife making. We hand select only the finest grained scales for each knife we make. We utilize a technique made famous by the master knife maker Bob Loveless in our construction. The blade is hollow ground and heat-treated. Then we layer red vulcanized red fiber (to protect against shock) with industrial epoxy before attaching the  bois d’arc scales with “Loveless bolts." The bolts go completely through the knife tang and scales and are secured by solid brass nuts. Finally, the bois d’arc is hand finished to a satin smooth sheen. The red accent on the handle as well as the red nylon lanyard make it visible if inadvertently dropped while working. We finish the blade with a razor sharp (15 degree angle) edge that makes cutting a joy. The knife comes with a handmade leather sheath and boot clip, and we use an antique dyeing technique to finish the leather. Built for generations!  $249

6 1/2” overall with a 2 1/2” cutting edge


The MFF water tank is groundbreaking when it comes to backyard fruit and vegetable production. We have learned over the years that pond and lake water produces the greatest harvest as well as the healthiest plants. City water contains chloramine (chlorine and ammonia). While chloramines disinfect and treat municipal drinking water, they work against the garden by destroying the soil's fragile microbial life. This, in turn, lowers fruit and vegetable production. Our newest system filters the chloramine out of the water as it auto-fills the galvanized water tank. We supply our family members with our proprietary "Pond Water Concentrate," a special formulated compost and fish tea that is added to the water tank once per month. The tank utilizes gravity flow with the same state of the art digital timer and drip irrigation system. But now, when the soil is watered, not only is it free of chloramine but it is enhanced with microbial life-giving properties. We strive to maximize the harvest, the health of your family, and the soil. $995


Our great friend and local food revolutionary, Sam, raises the real deal! Many claim grass fed but Sam spent years establishing native grasses before offering his amazing beef. He regularly rotates his cattle on these lush pastures and offers them only the freshest deep well water... it's all these cattle have ever known. Besides the grass and the water he has been developing a cross with Devon genetics that guarantees exceptional marbling and excellent beef flavor. Our family members that have purchased a 1/2 or whole beef will attest that they have never had better, including the high dollar wagyu cuts. They start on grass as calves (as all cattle are) but more importantly are “finished on grass”, never being fed genetically modified corn, administered growth hormones or antibiotics. He processes in late summer and it goes fast! If your family is interested please place your orders the first of the year. For those interested he also raises Barbados lamb, perhaps the tastiest and tender lamb I have eaten. Know where your food comes from and support our local ranchers, it is only right. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in the real deal! 903-714-9131

Local grass fed and finished beef

The Water Tank *Spring 2016*

The Farm Knife

The Chicken Tractor


Now, this is exciting! We have invested in a kick-starter project out of New Zealand called ‘Flow’. A new invention that allows honey to be harvested directly from the hive without opening the hive and with little disturbance to the bees. The Flow frames are the beehive frames that make this possible. This innovation allows you to easily harvest the honey from your own hives that we will set and maintain on your property... it's yours to harvest the honey. While invaluable for pollination, the great reward of eating your own organic honey is something all families should enjoy, and this new design may make it possible! We will be trialling this innovation in the spring and summer and hope to make it available as soon as possible.

Homegrown Honey! *Coming Soon*

ProPak Spray Rig

An absolute must for the serious Micro Farmer. This light weight back sprayer is manufactured by Dramm. It is commercial quality through and through, built for years of work. The sprayer is powered by a rechargeable battery that will last far longer than is typically required. The best part of this back pack sprayer is that it creates an extremely fine foliar spray, it is superior to the conventional pump sprayer. Our service teams rely solely on this sprayer for all of our foliar treatments. The knockdown power of pests is amazing! Besides it's effectiveness, it also reduces application times by half. While this is an invaluable tool for all our family members it is required for the the higher input 1/4Plots; Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums. The ProPak contains; 1 Dramm Sprayer, funnel, fine mesh strainer and large concentrate mixer (for drill attachment). This is worth every penny and will pay for itself the first season. $499


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