Many of the most nutritious crops are harvested in the cool season. Each year we continue to discover new varieties from around the world that are hardy in Texas. While you may be unfamiliar with some of them, it only takes a little practice and the right recipes to unlock their amazing flavors and healthful benefits.

Cool Season Recipes

While these recipes may call for Collard, Kale or Swiss Chard, they are all interchangeable. So, for example, when the ‘Italian Kale Salad’ calls for kale, any of the leafy greens can be substituted. The following list of leafy greens can be used in any of the these recipes. 

Kale, Arugula, Collards, Mustard, Swiss Chard, Tokyo Bekana, Pac Choi, Yukina and Spinach


Entrées and Sides


Hot Sausage and Crispy Chard Pizza