The MicroPlot
The MicroPlot is a fully self-contained 18' X 33' 100% organic vegetable production system. A member of our design team will come to your property and evaluate it for proper sun and drainage requirements. Once the location is designated, we begin the construction by removing the invasive plant species. The native soil is broken by tillage; we then add 5+ inches of compost, organic fertilizers and the perfect blend of micro nutrients. This is then tilled with the native soil. After the soil has been prepared, we install the galvanized support structures and a commercial irrigation system that is controlled by a state of the art digital timer and rain sensor. Finally, we mulch the entire MicroPlot with pesticide free hay, creating a 6-inch barrier to protect the soil from the summer sun as well as eliminating weed growth and supplying the soil with much needed organic material. The MicroPlot is yours and ready to grow!

The MicroPlot produces throughout the entire year, even in the dead of winter you are able to eat the freshest vegetables

Each year we provide you with our standard warm and cool season PPG (plant placement guide). You are able to access your MicroPlots PPG utilizing the MFF App and customize it from our ever growing selection of vegetables. We then grow the starter-plants for you and plant them per your PPG at the beginning of each season. This guarantees that you will be harvesting only the vegetables your family enjoys eating.

2015 PPG WS web
MicroPlot 2
2015 PPG cool web

Growing With You

Warm Season Crops

Cool Season Crops