1/4Plots                                                                                                                                                                                                                              These Plots offer you the flexibility to select and grow what your family desires. You can choose from any of our options to add to your MicroFarm. 1/4Plots can also be added on to your MicroFarm in the future. Each 1/4Plot is 18’ X 7’ and will provide your family with a bountiful harvest of tender asparagus and the sweetest organic fruits.. They produce from the first of spring and well into the fall. These selections have stood the test of time and are very reliable in our Texas climate. We are able to manage these crops during our regular annual services without extra attention from you.

mff QP 1
mff qp 2

While the above selections are tried and proven for our hot southern climate, we have had many request for the more difficult crops to grow. We offer these 1/4Plot selections to the families that are committed to assisting in production. These 1/4Plot crops require an additional investment in the ProPak spray rig, as well as our foliar concentrates ($50.00 per 1/4Plot annually). We supply you with all that's needed for each season as well as a spray schedule (every 10 days throughout the fruiting period). These are amazing fruits but they require extra effort to bring in a good harvest.

mff qp 3