Unlike all other additions to your landscape, the MicroFarm will save you money on your grocery bills. Besides directly saving your family money at the grocery store, delicious MFF produce tempts families to eat meals at home around the dinner table instead of eating out. Savings from restaurants and fast foods add up!  Households that tend to eat a diet high in vegetables and low in meats and processed foods will experience a major savings. The latest research from Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels, U.S. Average, July 2014 , shows that a family of four in the moderate cost plan spends, on average, $12,775 per year on food. That's for pesticide laden, hormone induced, antibiotic treated, preservative saturated, GMO tainted food! Those committed to organic whole foods will spend much more even though the produce is often shipped 1,500+ miles away that may, or and may not be fresher than its conventional counterpart. The MicroPlot will provide a family of 4 to 6 copious amounts of  super-abundant seasonally fresh, 100% toxin free vegetables at the peak of their nutritional value--for $4,500 per year! If your family utilizes all that the MicroPlot produces throughout the year, you can expect to see a real savings. Besides the financial incentive, growing your own food will enrich your family in more ways than you can begin to imagine.

The Investment

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1. Construction Investment

MicroPlot, MiniPlot, and 1/4Plots
Construction includes: break-tilling the designated site(s), roto-till the soil with 6 inches of compost and our proprietary blend of soil amendments. Install  galvanized steel support structures per requirement. Install commercial grade drip irrigation system and timer with rain sensor. Mulch all prepared areas with 10 inches of pesticde-free hay. The MiniPlot and 1/4Plots include a 2” X 8” cedar border and topsoil. The 1/4Plots include the trees, plants or shrubs, to be planted in February. The MicroPlot and MiniPlot are planted in the first available season and all plants are included in the service fee.

MicroPlot $4,950

MiniPlot $3,950

1/4Plots /ea $1,895 each, including: Blackberry, Asparagus, Persimmons, Pears, Pomegranates, Blueberries, Figs, Apples, Plums and Peaches

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You can have control over the health and well being of your family. Our goal is to help you achieve this most ancient of necessities--wholesome food. Once you have a MicroFarm constructed on your property, our team can take the lead, working with you to grow a cornucopia of fresh seasonal food. Twice each year we offer a special selection of heirloom open pollinated vegetables and herbs well adapted for your climate and bursting with superior flavor. These vegetable starters are nothing like what you find at the big box stores. Our team will come to your residence throughout the year and perform all the major requirements for a successful harvest, including planting starters and seeds, managing irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, controlling insects and disease, foliar feeding, weeding, pruning and all else the well tended garden requires.

Micro Family Farms requires team work for success. You must be committed to harvesting twice per week, a most important aspect of vegetable production. Your family will also need to assist in the foliar spraying of the vegetable plants several times throughout the year. We supply all families with a commercial sprayer and custom blend of concentrates at each of our services. It's a joy to see your plants thrive and grow like never before!

Perhaps the greatest service we provide is our MFF app. As members you will have access through the MFF app to a many of online benefits. After registering you will have complete control over your MFF with the ability to choose from our available selections each season, to review and comment on each seasons vegetables, to upload photos to your farm gallery, to instantly share concerns or problems with our farm manager and much more. Service is the heart of our business, and this we will do our very best.

Growing With You

2. Annual Service Investment

MicroPlot $4,500 (3 payments annually of $1,500)

MiniPlot $3,300 (3 payments annually of $1,100)

1/4Plots and Arbor $450 each (annually)

The MicroFarm $9,000 (3 payments annually of $3,000)               

Locations devoid of good topsoil require we build a 12” to 16” raised foundation and backfill with quality topsoil before constructing the MicroPlot or MiniPlot. While this does increase the cost of the initial build, it guarantees excellent production and success in the long run.

Client to be responsible for: Supplying a water source to the Micro / MiniPlot. Modification of the existing landscape irrigation system, removal of invasive grass, plant or tree species, modification to the existing grade, if required and / or the construction of retaining structures. We offer a choice of chop stone, block wall, brick and plate steel.


There are two investments for you to consider:

Grape Arbor $4,950                                                                                    

Construction includes: Installing 4” chop stone border set in mortar with 3” deep crushed granite patio. Construction of a 16’ X 8’ cedar timber frame arbor (8” X 8” posts and 4” X 12” top frame support structure with galvanized steel trellis). Grapevines to be planted in February.

Including; The MicroPlot, 10 - 1/4Plots and Arbor

All materials, labor and delivery supplied.

1. The initial cost of construction

2. The annual service fee